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Tino Jochimsen

McCanick will probably be written about mainly in terms of being the final testing case for 's acting abilities. The Glee star passed away after working on the movie in July 2013.

As I never watched Glee, I am much more interested in the dark cop drama as an opportunitiy to see the scene-stealing act his ass off in the meaty-sounding title role. A rare opportunity, as the character actor is normally relegated to supporting turns.

Morse stars as Eugene "Mack" Mackanick, a short-tempered narcotics detective, who flips out over the prison release of a seemingly harmless young criminal (played by Monteith). During the course of one hot summer day he relentlessly pursues the ex-convict...

Watch the McCanick trailer below:


McCanick has its world premiere on September 9 at the Toronto Film Festival 2013.


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