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Wubba lubba grub-grub, it looks like the world is still gripped by Szechuan sauce fever thanks to a one-off joke by Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. The Season 3 premiere saw an off the cuff homage to McDonald's, which famously introduced Szechuan sauce in the '90s to promote Disney's Mulan. However, a nostalgia-filled trip back to 1998 may have been a misfire for the fast food conglomerate, and fans are hitting back at those golden arches after the sauce disastrously returned to stores for one day only.

A Sticky Situation

It wasn't only Justin Roiland's Rick Sanchez who couldn't get enough of that sticky sauce, and a stroll down memory lane hit a sweet spot with cult fandom everywhere. With various Kickstarter campaigns and DIY recipes, we stopped just short of burning effigies of Ronald, Grimace, and the Hamburglar outside the McDonald's HQ in an aim to bring back Szechuan sauce.

Eventually, McDonald's gave in, gifting Rick and Morty co-creators Roiland and Dan Harmon with their own batch of the stuff, before promising that big news was coming for those still suffering with Szechuan sickness. Then came the announcement that for one day only, connoisseurs across the USA would be able to wrap their Gromflomite tendrils round a pot of the stuff. However, chaos ensued, and branches of McDonald's either ran out or claimed they never got a batch in the first place. The police were called, there was carnage, and enraged fans soon took to social media to vent their frustration in an embarrassing state of affairs for Maccy D's.

One intrepid traveller drove for six hours from Canada, and just like Adult Swim underestimated the popularity of the discontinued delight, McDonald's seemed to forget just how crazy geekdom can be. After scenes of pure madness across the country, Ronald himself (well, it wasn't really him) has now issued an apology over the condiment chaos that ensued.

Promising to make things right, it is expected that a similar event will run with better organization, and that the company will bring back Szechuan sauce in a limited run that lasts longer than 24 hours. For those who are still left furious/salivating at the thought of that sticky substance, perhaps you should head over to auction sites like eBay, where packets of the stuff are already reaching upward of $1,000. Thankfully, it doesn't look like you'll need a portal gun and a different dimension to get your wish of bathing in a bathtub of that brown gloop, but you know what they say, never stand between someone and their Szechuan. Lesson learned, McDonald's?

If you want to know how to craft you own Szechuan sauce, check out our recipe, and don't forget the poll below:

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