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You're at the Electric Forest Festival, enjoying one of the event's many DJ sets when a bearded stranger starts making small talk. You don't think much of it, because you're bound to dance with strangers at a festival, right? But then you realize that his friend is recording the encounter, and the talkative stranger keeps pointing at your banner, which just so happens to be a blown-up replica of McLovin's driving license from the legendary 2007 teen comedy, Superbad.

Maybe these guys love Superbad just as much you, and want to embrace the majesty of your McLovin banner, or maybe the bearded partygoer by your side is, in fact, McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse!

Yep, this unlikely encounter actually happened to one lucky super-fan at this year's Electric Forest Festival. The oblivious Superbad enthusiast leaped back in disbelief when he discovered that his new dance partner once played the movie's most iconic character. The fan proceeded to hug Mintz-Plasse, pulling up his glasses to make sure the actor is the one true McLovin. It's an unlikely moment that shows just how iconic the movie still is, 10 years after its release.

Watch the entire interaction below:

Mintz-Plasse has changed a lot over the past 10 years, and his facial hair definitely makes it understandable as to why this fan took so long to recognize him. That being said, this glorious moment surely made the festival one to remember for the unsuspecting fan. Of course, when fans meet a celebrities, things can get pretty awkward. However, these encounters often lead to some hilarious moments too:

Remember That Time Tom Hanks Crashed A Wedding Photoshoot?

Just like the fortunate Superbad fan, this happy couple had no idea they would be meeting a celebrity on their wedding day, and were caught completely off-guard.

Tom Hanks was strolling through Central Park, New York City, when he ran into a couple's wedding photoshoot. Naturally, the Forrest Gump actor decided to join in the party! This couple certainly got a memorable surprise on their special day once Hanks introduced himself, and the newlyweds were included in the actor's Instagram selfie.

Although these encounters were purely coincidental, it's also great to know that actors are willing to connect with fans for a worthy cause:

Matt Damon Fools His Fans For Charity:

Matt Damon has put his name to many great causes throughout his career, but he'd never fooled his fans to this extent before. In partnership with, Matt decided to send the unsuspecting people of Los Angeles on a secret mission. are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean water in developing countries. So, Damon used his celebrity status to not only connect with fans and make people's day (and promote Jason Bourne), but also to support an charitable cause.

Need A Break? Just Call Chris Hemsworth For A Head Massage!

To honor National Administrative Professionals Day, Ellen decided to create an amazing moment for one particular employee by inviting Chris Hemsworth to her office. As a true gentleman, the Thor actor was more than happy to hang out, and even offered a head massage during a hard day's work.

In fact, Ellen is known for giving fans the chance to connect with their favorite celebrities. Evidently, there are still many celebrities like Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who will happily make a fan's day with a dance, a prank or a head massage. So, be sure to be eagle-eyed when you're next out in public, because you might be standing next to a celeb when you least expect it.

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