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If you're stoked for Tom Holland's webslinger to make his proper debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming, this news will be music to your ears.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Holland mentioned that he's contracted for six movies in total. Obviously that includes this year's , but it looks like the young Brit will be a fixture inside the for at least the next five years. Check out what we believe those six movies will be, and what we know about each of them so far.

Captain America: Civil War

Before Civil War hit, nobody knew quite what Peter Parker's role would be. Against expectation, the film actually did a brilliant job of integrating in the world of Tony Stark and the , and he more than held his own in battle against far more experienced fighters like Falcon.

Plus, that post-credits scene was bomb.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Considering it's out just a shade over half a year from now, we really know remarkably little about the actual story of Spider-Man: Homecoming right now. We know it takes Peter Parker back to school to explore his roots in a way no other Spider-Man movie really has, which is exciting, and that it features Marvel's most diverse cast to date.

Check out our guide to everything we know about , which hits theaters July 7, 2017, so far.

Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers 4

Avengers: Infinity War is the moment we've all been waiting for — everybody, from Doctor Strange to Ant-Man, Black Widow to Captain Marvel, assembled in one place, doing everything possible to keep Thanos from collecting all six Infinity Stones.

Spider-Man isn't confirmed yet, but you can bet your ass Marvel aren't leaving one of their most popular heroes out of this movie. The storyline of Avengers 4 (due in 2019 and apparently "not a sequel") is completely unknown right now, but again if Spider-Man is an Avenger at that point, expect him to be there.

Spider-Man 7 & 8

Or Homecoming 2 and threequel, if you prefer. Holland himself confirmed a trilogy of Spider-Man flicks in the EW interview, but your guess is as good as mine about the future direction of the franchise. If Homecoming is any indication, Spider-Man's entire rogues gallery of unexplored villains will feature in all three movies — and if Zendaya really isn't MJ, we're bound to meet the redhead again soon.



Which Avenger/secret Avenger would you like to see Spider-Man interact with in the MCU?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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