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October 3rd marks the date when Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was in the 2004 teen cult-favorite film Mean Girls. This year, for the official "Mean Girls Day," the movie's cast thoughtfully took the opportunity to raise funds for the victims of last weekend's violent tragedy in Las Vegas.

stars Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, Jonathan Bennett and Daniel Franzese joined forced with actor Brian Tyler Cohen and took to social media to bring attention to a GoFund Me page, aiming to raise at least $300,000 for the Las Vegas shooting victims and their families. The fundraiser is working directly with the National Compassion Fund (NCF), the actors asked fans to donate just $3 to help reach the goal.

Aaron Samuels himself, Jonathan Bennett, posted a short video clip featuring the stars together calling for action from fans:

The GoFund Me has this to say to donors — and yes, there are plenty of grool Mean Girls references:

"The cast of Mean Girls is teaming up this October 3rd to do some good.

We're asking for just $3 to hit a $300,000 goal.

We are working directly with the National Compassion Fund, a program in the National Center for Victims of Crime. This organization collected and distributed funds to victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Aurora shooting, and even 9/11.

100% of funds raised will be distributed to the victims of Las Vegas through the NCF at the completion of this campaign.

Do something grool today. Let's hit this goal together. We might not make fetch happen, but we can make this happen."

Two days later, the page is still functioning and accepting donations. So far Cohen and his team of North Shore alumni have managed to raise over $73,000, and it doesn't take a Mathlete to know that an upper limit does not exist — so if you're able to contribute, visit the "Mean Girls For Las Vegas" GoFundMe now.

[Source: Harpers Bazaar]


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