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Given that it was released 13 years ago, and the fact that it's a goddamn American classic, I'm going to go ahead and assume we're all extremely well-acquainted with the genius that is Mean Girls.

As we know, Mean Girls is filled with iconic scenes and quotes that will improve any given occasion, from the emergency assembly, to the trust falls and cafeteria politics, the film is a veritable smorgasbord of treasures. However, there's no scene in the entire film that's quite as great as when Cady and the Plastics sing "Jingle Bell Rock."

While the whole scene is amazing, the best part is obviously when Gretchen kicks the stereo right into Jason's face. Truly nothing symbolizes the crumbling of the Plastics better than that dude getting smacked in the face with that early 2000s hunk of plastic, and it turns out, I'm not the only fan of this scene.

Buzzfeed writer, Dave Stopera is also obsessed with the "Jingle Bell Rock" stereo scene, so much so that he wrote a post on it, begging commenters to share with him the secrets of how it was created. How had they filmed it? How many stereos were used? Did they really kick a stereo into his face, and if so, how many times did they have to do it before they got the shot? There were questions, and a lot of them.

The article ended with Stopera asking readers to vote on how they thought the scene was created, and jokingly included the poll option "my cousin worked on Mean Girls, I'll explain in the comments." But the joke was on the doubters, because in the comments someone who was an extra in Mean Girls actually jumped in to explain the mystery.

[Credit: Buzzfeed/John Paul Jakub]
[Credit: Buzzfeed/John Paul Jakub]

John Paul Jakub was an extra sitting just two seats away from Daniel DeSanto — the actor who played Jason — in this scene, and revealed that the stereo was a real one and that it was on a wire rig. Even with the wire rig, it was still a hard gig for the stereo, and Jakub commented that it broke after around four takes. And while you might have some doubts as to Jakub's credibility, he even backed his claim up with a photo of himself with Lacey Chabert (Gretchen) and Amanda Seyfried (Karen). This dude is legit.

So with that massive mystery solved, can someone now please step up and explain to me how exactly Regina George sticks these pages to the lockers? The Mean Girls director's commentary tells me it was due to Regina's pure rage, but I ain't buying it.

Real talk: How did Regina stick those pages onto the lockers? Tell me in the comments.

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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