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I didn't think it was possible to love Emma Stone anymore, but then I read this truly endearing story about the meaning behind the mini tattoo she has on her wrist. The two little bird feet delicately etched onto her skin have a real tear-jerker of a purpose.

What's The Meaning Behind The Tattoo?

The tattoos were the La La Land star's way of celebrating her mother being free of cancer. In 2010, Emma wanted a way to commemorate the battle her mom, Krista, had won by getting matching tattoos of these cute little bird feet.

That in itself is truly inspiring, but the story didn't stop there. Emma's mother's favorite song is Blackbird by The Beatles. Therefore, Stone reached out to the left-handed guitarist, Paul McCartney requesting that he etch the blackbird feet as a design for the tattoos. The Liverpudlian rock-star who penned the lyrics was all too happy to offer up his talents and responded with the requested sketch.

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Emma talked about the design process and what the ink meant to her in an interview with Stylist magazine:

"My mom and I got matching tattoos to celebrate the fact that she was out of the woods. My mum’s favorite song is Blackbird by Paul McCartney, and since I’d met him before, I asked him if he’d draw two little bird feet for us, as a tattoo design. And, amazingly enough, he did!"

The usually very private Hollywood star decided to break her silence and use her mother's experience as a way of generating awareness for the lack of research carried out for certain strains of breast cancer:

"I asked my mum whether I should tell the whole story about my tattoo. She told me that she’d be honored. My mom suffered from a very rare form of breast cancer called triple-negative breast cancer, which only 8% of breast cancer patients have. It’s very aggressive, and generally less responsive to standard treatment. We need to see more research, because all we know about triple-negative breast cancer is that it’s caused by environmental factors, not hormonal. If we can raise awareness by talking about it, I’m proud to be able to help."

Kudos to Emma and her survivor of a mother speaking out about this and we think it's completely adorable that they now share the tattoo to celebrate her return to health.

Emma's dedication to raising breast cancer awareness didn't just stop at her candid quotes during interviews though. The altruistic star also sat alongside her mother in a Revlon ad urging people to seek early screening in order to save lives.

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