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Lucasfilm has always been known for its strong centralized story along with great characters, cool gadgets, and some stellar spaceships and vehicles. But for some, the most exciting part of Star Wars films includes the numerous variations of the droids. From an R2 unit, to a mouse droid, all the way to a full-fledged droid army, each one has been pivotal to the Star Wars universe.

One of the newest droid types came in the form of a BB unit, which is basically a smaller version of an R2 unit with more maneuverability. As Poe Dameron’s buddy, BB-8 won over our hearts with his introduction in . One of the more comical scenes from that movie came at the (hands?) of BB-8 when he gave a “thumbs-up” while using his mini flamethrower. BB-8 may never take the place of R2-D2 but he’s certainly in the running for most popular droid of all time.

With Force Friday upon us, it should come as no surprise that plenty of new merchandise is being unveiled. Along with some fresh versions of our favorite characters, a new droid is been released, and something tells me that a certain someone is up for some serious competition.

Introducing BB-9E

Credit: Mashable
Credit: Mashable

is introducing audiences to a whole new droid. This time, it’s another BB unit and something tells me that BB-8 won’t be too happy. A new droid unit named BB-9E is nearly identical to BB-8 with some slight modifications. For starters, the color scheme is different, invoking the shades of what was once the . Not only that, but the head of the BB unit is more rounded than the dome shape seen on top of BB-8. The droid will most likely serve the same purpose as a typical BB unit, however I believe there could be a few differences that Lucasfilm has decided to keep under wraps.

BB-9E Has A Lot To Live Up To


What made both R2-D2 and BB-8 special was all of the hidden features that came with the droids. The prequel trilogy really dove into this when we learned that R2-D2 was equipped with a rocket booster. The original trilogy; however, gave us maximum R2-D2, armed with a small saw, a fire extinguisher, a utility arm, and a hidden lightsaber compartment. R2-D2 had it all, which is why he remains the face of Star Wars droids.

It will be challenging for this new droid to overshadow all of the others. After all, it isn’t a true Star Wars movie without introducing some new droids to a galaxy far, far away.

What do you all think of the new droid? How do you think he’ll factor into the narrative? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!



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