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Marvel’s favorite teenagers are finally ready for the live-action treatment.

Runaways, the critically acclaimed comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, will be adapted into a show on Hulu this winter. The story will follow an alliance of six teens on a mission to defeat their criminal parents. In turn, they discover their unique superpowers and learn the true meaning of acceptance. The official trailer was recently leaked — While that was quickly taken down, the footage did provide us with an awesome look at what the show holds in store for us.

If the show turns out to be a direct retelling of the comics, ’s most diverse and groundbreaking venture could be right in front of our eyes. But before you tune into Runaways later this year, let’s get to know the members of this fun, badass team.

Alex Wilder

Not only was Alex the first character to be introduced in the Runaways comic, but he was also the team’s initial leader. Without him, the group would never have formed, since it was his idea to spy on their parents’ charity gathering-turned-murder ritual. Unlike the rest of the teens, Alex does not possess any superpowers. Instead, his intellect, logic and natural leadership skills help everyone persevere.

Rhenzy Feliz's rendition of Alex looks like he was taken right out of the comics. His love for graphic t-shirts wasn't even disregarded.

Nico Minoru

Nico might be the most emotional member of the Runaways, but she never fails to strengthen the bond within her team. She is the daughter of dark wizards; therefore, she has inherited their mystical capabilities. Upon being told this by her parents, Nico’s mother attempts to kill her with the magical, Staff of One. But instead of reaching her death, Nico’s body absorbs the staff. Whenever she bleeds, the staff emerges and grants her the ability to use spells and bend magic.

We have yet to see Nico’s sorcery come to life on-screen, but it’s clear that her signature Gothic wardrobe was captured flawlessly by actress Lyrica Okano.

Karolina Dean

Even though Karolina’s parents are Hollywood celebrities, she grew up living an ordinary life — or so she thought. She discovers that her parents are part of the Majesdanian alien race, which means that she is as well. Karolina’s powers are protected by a bracelet, but once removed, her skin glows into an illuminating rainbow-like light. Not to mention, she has the ability to fly and manipulate solar energy.

Both a hippie and activist, Karolina is a free spirit and the most kind-hearted member of the team. Her alien heritage often makes her feel like a freak, but she strives to pursue her dreams regardless. Karolina is one of Marvel’s most notable lesbian characters; it would be remarkable if Runaways depicted the exploration of her identity, further expanding representation in superhero TV.

While Virginia Gardner looks exactly like Karolina in human form, her cosmic powers are more beautiful on-screen than we ever could have fathomed. If Karolina is as inspiring on TV as she is in the comics, this could very well be Gardner's breakout role.

Gertrude Yorkes

Best known for her purple hair, sarcastic one-liners and socialist views, Gert is the only Runaway who always suspected that her parents were evil. While ransacking her home with the team, she finds out that her parents are time travellers. The Yorkes left their daughter a holographic will and a genetically engineered dinosaur (later named Old Lace) who shares a telepathic bond with Gert. Though she tends to be cynical, Gert's intelligence and philosophical mind make her a lovable character.

Another comic book-faithful rendition, Ariela Barer dyed her hair from black to Gert's distinctive "Purple Haze." Combined with her glasses, the actress is ready to make the outspoken teen come alive.

Chase Stein

Chase is often perceived as a dumb jock, especially by his abusive father. But deep down, he has an untapped potential in technology and engineering. While searching his parents’ home, he learns that they are mad scientists who have created many advanced gadgets. In turn, he steals x-ray goggles and Fistigons, a pair of powerful gloves that allow him to conjure flames. No matter what tough experiences the team of teens may face, Chase always remains loyal to them.

Even though Gregg Sulkin doesn’t have the character's blonde locks, there’s no doubt that the rising actor can capture Chase's rebellious traits.

Molly Hayes

The youngest and most naive Runaway, Molly discovers that she is a mutant with tremendous strength. When her powers are in use, Molly's hair and eyes emit a radiant, pink glow. Throughout the comics, Molly had the toughest time coping with her parents’ evil ways.

The character’s live-action counterpart, played by Allegra Acosta, is shown sporting Molly’s trademark hat. Chances are we’ll see more of her expansive collection as the show goes on. Acosta is also the youngest member of the main cast, just like her character.

The Runaways are more than just an alliance of teenage superheroes — they are individuals who dealt with ultimate betrayal from those they trusted, and consequently, joined forces to atone for those transgressions. The team made a life-changing sacrifice by taking on the world while trying to grasp their own place inside of it. They barely knew each other in the beginning, but an extraordinary friendship blossomed over time. It's remarkable that Marvel and Hulu have teamed up to bring such a meaningful story to life.

While we wait for the official trailer to drop, take a look at Marvel's other TV super-team, The Defenders, below:

Runaways will make its debut on Hulu this winter. What are you hoping to see in the upcoming show? Let us know in the comments!


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