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After successfully brought Polynesian islands to life with the Oscar-nominated Moana, is continuing the animated world tour with , a Mexican-themed adventure centering around the popular national holiday of the Day of the Dead. Judging from the first trailer, the traditional celebration provides the perfect colorful background — Mexican skeletons aren't all black-and-white grimness!

Set for release in November, the movie sees its hero Coco inadvertently venture into the land of the Dead, where he seeks out his musical idol and dives into his family's history. But in movies, a little boy on an adventure would be nothing without a faithful animal sidekick. Much like Moana's rooster Heihei, Coco's dog Dante doesn't look like the most clever specimen out there, but he's definitely adorable.

Watch The New 'Dante's Lunch' Teaser For 'Coco'

If there's one thing I hadn't thought of, it's the endless comedy potential of making the Faithful Animal Sidekick a dog when most of the movie takes place in the land of the Dead, where people are skeletons. Made of bones. Like walking assortments of treats for the poor dog who's probably going to pass out from all the excitement.

Coco's dog is called Dante, as is appropriate for a pet venturing into the underworld, and he's got that characteristic disheveled look of the slightly stupid, but adorably goofy sidekick that most animation movies feel compelled to have.

Isn't he cute [Credit: Disney Pixar]
Isn't he cute [Credit: Disney Pixar]

The teaser also goes to show that beyond the emotional scenes that Coco is bound to include, Pixar is still an expert at staging the funny gags that'll have everyone giggling.

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Let's just hope Dante doesn't start nibbling at Coco's great-grandmother.

Coco comes out in theaters November 22, 2017.

Who's your favorite animated animal sidekick?


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