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The characters from Stephenie Meyer adaptations tend to become big news. I mean, I've never seen Twilight, yet I still know every intimate detail of Bella, Edward, and Jacob's lives. You just can't get away from this stuff. With that in mind, it's probably a good idea to watch the latest featurette for The Host. In the last video we met Melanie Stryder (), this time we're introduced to Jared Howe (AKA The Twihard's next film crush) played by . Check it out below:


In The Host, a group of parasitic aliens invade Earth and take over the bodies of their victims. Jared meets Melanie, one of the few remaining humans, and luckily for him, she's a hottie. Unfortunately, their love is cut short when Melanie is mind-invaded by an alien called Wanderer. As Melanie and Wanderer fight for control of her body and mind, Wanderer feels Melanie's emotions and also falls in love with Jared. Cue the weirdest love triangle since... Well, since Twilight I guess.

The Host stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, , and . It will arrive in theaters on March 29. Until then, why not [[follow]] The Host to be kept updated with all the pictures and videos that come our way?


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