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Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn has instantly become iconic thanks to her stellar performance of the character. Not to mention, her new Harley Quinn look is quite eye-catching and is a surefire best-seller costume this Halloween. That said, just when we didn't think we could get enough of Margot we found her twin!

Meet Laura Gilbert

Better known as the Infamous Harley Quinn on social media, Gilbert is an Australian cosplayer who is gaining an immense amount of popularity due to her similarities in looks to Margot Robbie. I mean come on — you can't tell me that you didn't think that the picture above was actually Margot. Gilbert quite often attends many expos and other pop culture invents to show off her crazy accurate Harley look.

That aside, Gilbert is even similar to the actress outside of the makeup. Just take a look below:

Image From Laura Gilbert's Instagram.
Image From Laura Gilbert's Instagram.

Margot Robbie Image.
Margot Robbie Image.

Alright, are you done scrolling up and down to compare? The similarity in overall looks is almost ridiculous. Maybe we should get them together and see if they are long lost sisters? I mean they are both from Australia so it's practical right? Sorry I'm overreacting, it's just crazy to think that there are two Margot Robbies in the world. Or maybe it's two Laura Gilberts? Either way, it's great!

Check out the video down below of Gilbert being interviewed at the EB Expo just this past week:

For those of you who are thinking of dressing up as Harley for Halloween, here's a handy makeup tutorial to help you nail the classic look:

What do you think? Could Laura Gilbert potentially replace Margot Robbie? Let me know in the comments down below!


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