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Clowns seem to be all the rage this year. Since the release of , Harley Quinn and the have become the hottest clown duo; is making a resurgence next year, with a brand new look for Pennywise the Clown; and on top of all that, there's this strange new clown phenomenon. The uprising of these creepy clowns has ignited some serious chills (and confusion) in the US this year, making clowns seem more menacing than ever.

However, breaking the barrier on this new clown taboo is Brandon Isaacson a.k.a McThor.

McThor Is Bringing Down The Hammer

Photos courtesy of Isaacson
Photos courtesy of Isaacson

McThor is the brilliant combination of the noble crime-fighting Thor and Ronald McDonald. In a recent interview with Cosplay and Coffee, Isaacson talked about his brilliant cosplay creation and what his thoughts are on the whole clown craze:

"My favorite thing about McThor is the varying reactions he creates from people that see him. It runs the from amazement, and excitement all the way to fear and terror due to the clown aspect. Whatever the reaction, I’m lovin it!"

From the McNugget hammer to the crimson beard (yes, it's real), the McThor cosplay is embroidered with unique detail down to the very last stitch.

"This cosplay has been a labor of love, and many sleepless nights have been put in over the last couple of years. I am currently on version 5 of the costume."

Isaacson revealed that he has five different versions of the McDonald's and Thor-fused cosplay. It took him a grand total of 400 hours to make all the different variations. Out of those long and laborious hours, 60 of them were used for his latest version of McThor alone.

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McThor's Thoughts On This Year's Clown Phenomenon?

"The odd clown activity seems like something off of a prank show, but there are no cameras filming. I’m amazed at just how terrified people are of clowns and the attacks I’ve heard of people attacking these clowns."

Despite this strange sensation, Isaacson will keep McThor alive so he can bring his hilarious and atypical cosplay to future conventions such as Katsucon and Dragon Con. And you can always find him at the New York Comic-Con.

McThor Will Be An Easter Egg In Thor

What's even more incredible about this cosplay is that it didn't go unnoticed by or . In fact, McThor will be an Easter Egg in the upcoming Thor movie, . Strange, considering Isaacson didn't know anything about it.

"I haven't heard from them, but I want to hear from someone. It's in a newspaper stand and they have a Thor article."

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) actually tweeted the photo that caught Isaacon's attention. Take a closer look at the top line of newspapers behind the Avengers' stars. Notice anyone familiar?

The photo is one of McThor taken at a New York Comic-Con. Isaacson admits that he doesn't want any compensation for using his photo, he just wants a copy of that paper!

While we all wait to see how this pans out, McThor will continue making appearances at comic conventions along with his sisters, one of whom plays his partner in crime, Lady McSif (a McDonald’s version of the power Lady Sif from ).

If someone doesn't do an alternate version of Burger King Loki to play his nemesis, I will be sorely disappointed.

See more of McThor in the video below, or give him a follow on Instagram.

Check out some of the other awesome cosplay outfits seen at NYCC in the video below:

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