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If the zombie apocalypse kicks off you'll find me in the Winchester. @moremattcarter
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This edition of Meet the Contributors focuses on Sergio, a The Walking Dead aficionado and regular Moviepilot commentator. Here we talk about the success of TWD, how best to prepare for the zombie apocalypse (it is coming!) and why if Daryl dies, we riot.

You’re a big fan of ‘TWD.’ To what do you attribute its success?

To me, three reasons stand out that help explain the show’s success. (1) It continues to build on its already gigantic, loyal fan base. (2) Its clever use of the theme of morality vs. “survival of the fittest.” (3) Its ability to be consistently unpredictable, from a general standpoint. The first reason is the biggest contributor to the show’s success because most ‘TWD’ viewers are not becoming susceptible to fickleness, meaning that the show – in general – is heading in the right direction. With each new episode, it seems like its fan base multiplies, according to the ratings. The second reason is also important because it makes all the characters very interesting. Will Rick continue to display his good moral values, or will he go back to being a dictator with a “survival of the fittest” philosophy? Was Carol wrong in killing Karen and David? It depends on whether you believe that staying true to your moral values is more important, or whether you believe that little to no moral values should come into play. This leads right into my third reason, the show’s unpredictability. This is yet another reason why the show could stay popular for a lot longer without losing its fans.

You sat at home watching TV and the zombie apocalypse breaks out. What do you do? Who do you save? What is your weapon of choice?

Haha, I knew this question was coming at some point. The first thing I would do is gather my entire fellow ‘TWD’- viewing friends. Maybe we could come up with good, realistic survival strategies thanks to the show. Next, we would have to find a stable, fortified place to reside in. Perhaps the local school would suffice, unless the annoying security people are still there. If that is the case, we try the university. Also, I would make sure to save my family, and my dog (I could not forget about him even if I tried). As for my weapon of choice, I would love to get my hands on a sabre, which is a sword with a curved, single-edged blade and a large hand guard. Taking out zombies with that should be fascinating; for my sake, I hope it is productive.

Which character do you most resemble on ‘TWD’ and why?\

In terms of appearance, I resemble no one on the show, although I have to fight the urge to claim that I look like Daryl even though that is false. In terms of character and attitude, I may resemble T-Dog, if anyone even remembers him by now. Like him, I was hardly ever the leader in any group, so I did not make the final decisions. I tend to act reluctantly around things that arouse fear in me. Just like he would get down on himself, so would I, only more so when I was younger. But once I recognized and accepted the amount of incredible support I had around me, I would get right back up and try harder, like T-Dog did in seasons two and parts of three. And, I genuinely enjoy helping others in their time of need, and I have often been told that I provide good help. T-Dog could always be counted on to help the group in any situation, despite his reluctance or fear.

Bonus Q: If Daryl dies, do you riot?

YES!!! He is my absolute favorite character on ‘TWD.’ If he does die, then I will gather a gigantic group of friends who are also avid ‘TWD’ viewers (and Daryl fans), march all the way from where we live to wherever the producers are with fully loaded replicas of Daryl’s patented crossbow, while holding large signs that will read, “Daryl is dead. We riot!” Things will get very chaotic in a hurry! This will all be done to demand that Daryl come back from the dead, only not as a zombie.

Just kidding, haha! But seriously speaking, I would not be pleased at all if/when the makers of ‘TWD’ do decide to kill off Daryl. In a show as unpredictable as this one, and one in which no character is really safe, it is perhaps also safe to assume that he will die, eventually. If the show continues from there, then the question will be, with which new character will the producers replace him? Truthfully, there will never be an absolute, clear replacement for the awesome Daryl Dixon. So, DON’T KILL HIM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please?


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