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If you've seen the movie The Blind Side and remember IronE Singleton's character Alton, or you watch The Walking Dead and loved watching T-Dog for three seasons, then you know the kind of acting range this guy has. If you're also wondering what Mr. Singleton is like in real life, then take those pictures you have of him as Alton or T-Dog in your mind, and chuck them out the proverbial window.

He is an absolute ball of life, energy, spirit, and inspiration, all wrapped up together in...well, into a big, huggy ball. Let me tell you how I know this.

At the Walker Stalker Convention in Tulsa earlier this month, I, along with hundreds of other fans, got the amazing opportunity to meet so many stars, both past and present. Hershel, Merle, Father Gabriel...and T-Dog! What started with a simple request to simply shake Singleton's hand and say hi turned into a mini conversation, a hug, and memorable picture (or 20).

Allow me to share with you a few surprising things I learned about him last weekend at the .

He's A Hugger

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

If you ever get to meet Singleton in person, prepare to be hugged. He has so much energy, it's almost like he just wants to pass some of it on, and hugging seems to be his preferred method of delivery. And if it's your birthday? Expect not only a hug, but to get sat in a chair in the aisle in front of his booth, and for Singleton to gladly announce it to the entire convention that it's your big day. Yes, that happened.

He Really Will Blindside You

'The Blind Side' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Blind Side' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

If you're like me, and the first time you saw was in The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock, you might have this preconceived notion about him—you know, that he's a big jerk. But I promise you, you'll walk away from meeting him totally blown away by his spirit and, what's more, his life story. We got a small sampling of it during his panel, where he let the audience know that his life could have very well ended up like Alton's. Gangs, drugs, was all a part of his life before he turned it all around and found acting.

That's just a small look into how inspiring the guy really is. If you want to know more about the man, you can buy his book, Blindsided By The Walking Dead, from his site. Or, if his one-man show of the same name comes through your town, make sure you go see it, if for no other reason but to see his killer impersonation of Prince!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention; he sings, too:

T-Dog may be long gone, but October is coming, and so is Season 8 of The Walking Dead!


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