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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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2016 treated us to one absolutely fantastic, big-bucks shark attack movie in The Shallows, but Blake Lively's aquatic adventure may be blown out of the water by . Steve Alten's terrifying tale of the biggest prehistoric shark that could eat a T-Rex on toast may have been pushed back to a March 2018 release, but fans are all the hungrier for it.

Alten spoke to iHorror, confirming that Meg has finished filming, and it's definitely gonna be frightening:

''Filming completed in New Zealand and China in mid-December. I have not seen any footage other than what has been posted on Instagram but I understand everything looks amazing... it will be edge-of-your-seat scary.''

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Alten is keen to point out that Meg is no ordinary fish, and his ancient piscine predator is putting the GREAT in ''Great White'':

''First and foremost, this is not just a shark, it’s a Megalodon, the most fearsome predator in the history of the planet... which just happens to be a prehistoric version of a 70-foot Great White.

Add to that the best special effects houses in the business, a $150 million budget, great script, an international cast of top stars…led by the perfect guy to play Jonas Taylor, Jason Statham.''

Color us excited, Mr Alten.

Let's hope that Meg will have some instant classic shark kills like these ones.

Meg swims into theaters March 2, 2018. We're going to need a bigger screen.


Are you excited about seeing 'Meg' in the movie theater?

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