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David Latona

Gods be good, Melanie Janine Brown (better known for her artistic moniker Mel B) is now 38 years old. It seems only yesterday that she and her troupe were considered major sex symbols of Western civilization, with probably more teenagers masturbating to Spice Girls music videos and posters than to actual 'men's magazines.' As the Romans were wont to say, however, Tempus fugit, and as time flies by so do youth and sex appeal (with some notable exceptions, like Christie Brinkley). In Mel B's case, she ain't looking all that bad nowadays, as evidenced by these three paparazzi pics of her playfully chilling out with her husband. Stephen Belafonte actually gropes at Mel's boobies in the first example, and undresses her exotic saggy pants in the second, showing that there still is some sexual chemistry between the couple, even after giving birth to three kids. The third pic is simply a close-up of her still very fit ass. Check it out, folks:

Images via drunkenstepfather.


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