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Religion has been a prominent topic in Game of Thrones and out of the multitude of Gods, the only one who has provided satisfactory results is the Lord of Light. Although Melisandre and R'hllor could've gained popularity after resurrecting Jon Snow, their resume remains tarnished after they partook in the burning of 15-year old Shireen Baratheon, as well as countless other innocent people.

After being exiled from Winterfell on the grounds of infanticide, Melisandre has made her way to Dragonstone and actress Carice van Houten is quite excited about her character's return to the infamous castle. However, according to van Houten, Melisandre has been through a journey of self-discovery since her last appearance, and is now a changed sorceress.

During an interview with THR, van Houten talked about what Melisandre went through in Seasons 5 and 6, and how she has regained her faith in time for Season 7,

The first shock of everything that she believed in isn't true, that her whole world had fallen apart, and everything that came with that — the burning of Shireen, which she never allowed herself to feel anything about because she was so sure it would lead to good things in the end — she was a wreck in season six. She slowly regains her confidence. Not so much her own confidence, but maybe her faith. She sees herself as a vessel.

I don't think she's in it for her own gain. I don't see her as a selfish person, per se. I think she regained some of her power and confidence after Jon Snow [came back to life]. She had no idea that was going to work. The fact that he was alive again, she must have allowed herself to think: "I was on the wrong track before. I'm on the right track now." And then to be sent away again? It's very frustrating, of course. She leaves Winterfell more heartbroken for the world than for herself.

[In Season 7] She's more realistic, I guess, and self-aware in that sense. She's more ironic, almost. It's as if she can look at herself better now. She doesn't have that fanatic point of view. It makes her, to me, more interesting to play.

It is true that Melisandre truly believed she was serving the Lord of Light, but she has made some significant missteps, thus putting herself in Jon's bad books. Although she has survived The Known World by using herself as a vessel, this might not work on Daenerys - especially if the Mother of Dragons learns about her history. With Jon Snow making his way to Dragonstone, Melisandre might face another disappointing exit.

What Will Happen To Melisandre Once Jon Arrives At Dragonstone?

Jon Snow and Ser Davos at Dragonstone. 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Jon Snow and Ser Davos at Dragonstone. 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

During her time in Meereen, Daenerys received ample support from the Red Priests to bring peace among the slaves. That's why on seeing Melisandre, she welcomed her and paid heed to her counsel. According to van Houten, Melisandre also reciprocated Daenerys's hospitality by advising her to join forces with Jon Snow in order to survive The Long Night,

She has respect for her. At this point, she's just thinking: "What do we need to do in order to stay alive? What do we need to do to stop the world from fucking ending," ... She's very serious about bringing the right people together in order to direct some of it, at least. I do think she knows more about what it means, what's going to actually come. She's seen it.

Although their shared love for fire may given Melisandre a free pass for now, Daenerys and Melisandre's tragic experiences might cause the Mother of Dragons to change her mind about the Red Witch.

In Season 1, Daenerys was subjected to a cruel ritual by the priestess Duur, where Daenerys inadvertently sacrificed her unborn son - something that parallels Melisandre's prophetic sacrifice of Shireen.

As Jon and Davos harbor a mutual concern regarding Melisandre, they might share this information, causing Daenerys to banish her from Dragonstone - or worse.

There is no doubt that Melisandre arrived at Dragonstone to bring Jon and Daenerys together against the wrath of the White Walkers. However, her past might eclipse her honest intentions. With danger approaching from every side, 'The Queen's Justice' is definitely going to be a decisive episode for everyone residing at Dragonstone; especially Melisandre.

Will Daenerys exile Melisandre from Dragonstone her for her sins? Let me know in the comments.

(Source: THR)


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