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If you're a Walking Dead watcher and a major Carol fan, then it's likely that you've been slightly disappointed with the amount of screen time your fave character has had in Season 7 thus far.

After appearing in much of Episode 2, when we were introduced to the Kingdom, we were doomed to -free episodes save a couple of brief scenes in Episode 8. But thankfully the actress who plays Carol, Melissa McBride, has confirmed that our girl will have a much bigger role in Season 7b.

Carol on her way to the Kingdom [Gene Page/AMC]
Carol on her way to the Kingdom [Gene Page/AMC]

Speaking to Vanity Fair, McBride confirmed that Carol will have more screen time in the second half of Season 7 than she did in the first half, though annoyingly she was keeping silent on any future storylines. McBride was able to offer some info on Carol's state of mind going into Season 7b, saying she was "taking a little time for herself."

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Carol at the Kingdom [AMC]
Carol at the Kingdom [AMC]

However, McBride doesn't necessarily share the same feelings as her character, believing that surrounding yourself with people you care about could be the key to surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. She explained:

"When you’ve lost everything, there’s still much to be had—there are people. When you find people you care about, that’s an amazing thing. I mean, that’s it. I just want to hug her... I want her to come around. But I get how it is."

So given that Carol's now living life in a new cottage somewhere near to the Kingdom, what or who will be the reason for Carol's reintegration back into the series? Well, her connection with King Ezekiel and Morgan definitely means that we'll likely see her appear in scenes with them. Then there's also the fact that the Season 7 promo (see below) shows that Rick will soon be introduced to the king - surely she'll want to see her old friend again, right? And what about taking revenge for the deaths of Abe and Glenn (which she still doesn't know about!), should be prepared for the Peletier wrath? I guess the only way to find out for sure is to wait until the series returns in 2017.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7b in February 2017


Were you disappointed by the lack of Carol in Season 7a?

Source: Vanity Fair


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