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From week to week, Saturday Night Live continues to build momentum with political satire. Since President Trump has taken office, the show has only gotten better. Alec Baldwin continues to shine as President Trump and Kate McKinnon is regularly brilliant as Kellyanne Conway. This weekend, an additional member of Trump’s Presidential Staff was added to the SNL stable of characters: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in a brilliant parody performance from Melissa McCarthy.

Kristen Stewart hosted the most recent episode, kicking off by addressing tweets President Trump made in 2012 regarding her relationship with Robert Pattinson. The show got better from there, reaching a dizzy height with making her debut as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

McCarthy's compelling caricature of Spicer is bombastic and aggressive, pushing back against the press – verbally and physically – and dishing out Orwellian nonsense explanations for Trump's actions. This was one of the funniest skits SNL has done in a while, simultaneously absurd and savagely pointed.

Sean Spicer Vs. The Press

Sean Spicer [Credit: CNN]
Sean Spicer [Credit: CNN]

Sean Spicer's appointment to White House Press Secretary has made him an instant celebrity, if not for the best reason. Spicer has had a rough time since Trump’s inauguration, inelegantly performing the difficult task of acting as Trump’s mouthpiece to the press. Spicer used phrases like "Sometimes we can disagree with facts" – which is absolutely bonkers – while also berating the media on numerous occasions.

He is most known for his defense of Trump’s inauguration, where he claimed it was the most watched ever - even though it wasn't. When describing the amount of people that watched the event, Spicer began rattling off random numbers that add up to an absurd amount, and never understood that nobody cares how many people attended the damn thing.

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Spicer seems to be content sticking to Trump’s “alternative fact” mantra, even if it makes him look bad. For everything Spicer has said in the two weeks since Trump took office, it’s easy to see why would mock him. As we saw recently from Melissa McCarthy, it was far too easy.

Melissa McCarthy Rips Sean Spicer Apart

Saturday Night Live [Credit: NBC]
Saturday Night Live [Credit: NBC]

Before we venture down the rabbit hole, let’s take a moment and recognize that Melissa McCarthy is a genius. This skit is by far one of the best in history. That statement might seem hyperbolic, but it’s true – even if you don’t agree with the facts. McCarthy comes out swinging, and does not let up for the entire bit.

McCarthy's big weapon in this skit, was to mocks Spicer tends to skew facts – usually in a way that is beneficial to President Trump. She makes a statement telling the press, that upon Trump announcing his pick for Supreme Court Justice the President received a 15-minute standing ovation, everyone was happy, smiling, all the men had erections, and every single woman was ovulating left and right.

She begins berating the press – a theme that continues through the whole bit – and by portraying Spicer as a bully from an ‘80s movie. She hits on all the Sean Spicer classics and expands upon them quite a bit. Upon fielding a question from a New York Times reporter, she manages to twist his words so much, that everything becomes nonsensical.

Her performance only ramps up, as she uses props to get her point across, including a plush moose and lamb, which she combines to sound like the world Muslim. A reporter than asks her if she’s alright; to which McCarthy replies by slamming her repeatedly with the podium. After she reveals that she has the reporter from CNN locked in a cage, she squirts a member of a press with a Super Soaker after he asked a question regarding President Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day speech.

This whole skit was hilarious, but also disturbing at the same time. It is an exaggeration of the truth, but in a way that wouldn’t surprise me if it actually happened. This sort of satire is exactly what the country needs right now, and we’re all thankful for Melissa McCarthy and SNL for reminding us to laugh.

This episode of SNL was absolutely amazing, and a lot of that is thanks to the Trump administration. Saturday Night Live has proven that they don’t even have create scenarios to make them funny. A lot of things The White House Staff has be doing since Trump’s inauguration are comedic in of themselves. They simply show a slightly exaggerated reality, and it is funnier than any fiction. Hopefully Saturday Night Live can continue putting out great episodes, and we hope that Melissa McCarthy comes along for the ride.

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