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Who would have thought that even Robert De Niro has been in a Christmas romantic comedy? It is not usually listed among the best of the performances, however, but it should be. 1984’s Falling in Love is a quiet but adorable movie about inevitable love. You can be married and live in a harmonious relationship, you can be an honorable wife or husband, but you can never escape your destiny. And what environment could be more suitable for the long-awaited happy ending (after the inevitable run after your love scene) than a train station gleaming in its full Christmas decoration splendor?

Falling in Love

's Christmas movie put an Academy Award under the tree. Silver Linings Playbook is not thought of as a Christmas movie, but in fact it revolves around the holiday. The film reaches its happy ending with the final big dance competition set for the time of the celebration of love. True feelings have to be unveiled at this time. Who really does love you?

Silver Linings Playbook

Christmas is also a handy framing device for romantic movies. Who could forget that awkward opening sequence where cannot hold the Christmas tune during her infamous party and then Mark Darcy’s even more awkward reindeer jumper. Again, the love story ends with a whole line of Christmas happy endings: not only the young ones, but also the parents, get back together in front of the heavily decorated Christmas tree.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Christmas not only suits the background, but the protagonists too. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang proved that a female lead is best in a sexy Santa dress.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

And what a real tragedy it must be when you absolutely cannot enjoy holidays, because your dad created an evergreen Christmas carol, which gives you enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your live without working, but whenever you hear it already in November during in a department store, you get sick? This is the real horror that Will Freeman () has to tackle in About a Boy. And when will the heart of this self-centered guy melt? During a simple but intimate celebration that he spends with a suicidal woman, her teenage son and vegan friends, singing lame Christmas carols together, which eventually turns out to be a lot of fun.

About a Boy


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