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Sarah Gibson

It's hardly a surprise, really, that a Men in Black 4 movie is on the way. After all, Men in Black 3 raked in over $600 million at the box office, all thanks to , , and 's enjoyable foray into time travel...

Now, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Sony has just hired a writer for Men in Black 4. Newcomer Oren Uziel has the opportunity to write the first draft, on top of his current work on 22 Jump Street and the Mortal Kombat adaptation.

Right now, it's a mystery as to who we'll see return to the series. It's apparently "unclear to what extent franchise star Will Smith is involved at this point," and there are currently "no deals for Josh Brolin or to return".

If Smith takes this on and passes up on the Independence Day sequels, like Smith I will be punching aliens in the face. [[follow]] to stay updated on the latest as it develops.


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