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Juno director Jason Reitman is set to direct the big screen adaptation of Men, Women And Children and has now set his sights on a new female lead.

Joining a cast which already includes (in a rare dramatic role), , , and - relative newcomer will play the teenage daughter character of Brooke.

Hughes is probably best known for playing a young in 2011's Roadie and although she's not a big name at the moment, Reitman has certainly made good casting decisions in the past ( as the titular Juno, for example) so I have faith in this decision.

Reitman has written the screenplay himself, which is based on 's popular novel of the same name. It focuses on the sexual frustrations of junior high school students and their parents in today's high-tech age. That's a movie I'd actually go see.

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(Source: TheWrap)


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