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Alisha Grauso

Is Merle () going to be the newest human to join the gang of survivors in The Walking Dead? From these photos from next week's episode, it appears that might be case.

Looking jumpy and armed to the teeth, the survivors are understandably on edge after the Governor's () brutal ambush attack last week. And it looks as if Merle is definitely joining the crew. Oh, man, he is such a terrible, irredeemable human being, and you can bet that after the events of Woodbury, Maggie () and Glenn () will be running their mouths about it. It's undeniable that Merle would be a valuable addition to the group because of the insider information he's gained about the Governor and his followers. Valuable if, say, he doesn't decide to shoot the survivors in their sleep for kicks or ransom them for supplies, that is.

It also appears that Rick () is back from his extended vacation to the land of crazy and is no longer completely looney tunes. He at least doesn't appear to be seeing any NOT-a-ghost wives floating around, so hey, score one for Rick.

Is letting Merle join the survivors worth it for his knowledge? Or does he pose too great a liability to the gang? Let us know in the comments. And click [[follow]] to keep up with all the latest The Walking Dead news.


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