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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

. She picks up award noms like does DUI's. Now, as we enter the end of silly season, it's time to get talking about the fall, and the emergence of the prestige films that will be fighting for Academy Awards next March. And of course, Streep is involved. In a big way.

This years highly-anticipated flick starring Streep is August: Osage County. It's a comedy drama adaptation of Tracy Letts' Pulitzer-Prize winning play that deals with the women of the Weston family who return home after a family tragedy and are reunited with the mother they left behind when they reached adulthood.

Now, Streep's a big gun, sure, but have you seen the rest of this cast? has her Best Actress Oscar too, there's rock-queen and Little Miss Sunshine's . Then there's Sherlock himself, , and the purveyor of Scottish-cool that is . It's practically a lock for at least some acting noms, as happens year after year with these high-prestige, star-studded projects - August: Osage County looks like it could be this years Silver Linings Playbook or Dreamgirls.

And if the Weinstein Company want to get as many awards as it can for its high-calibre stars, they've gotta do some shuffling about. The theory goes that putting two big stars from the same film, who both stand a high chance of victory, may act as collateral damage, and neither will emerge victorious. Goldderby have reported the the W bro's have already thought about this...and it's Streep that takes the hit!

Two years after winning Best Actress for “The Iron Lady,” Streep has agreed to drop down to the supporting race for her role as Violet, the pill-popping, booze-swilling momma in “August: Osage County,” a Weinstein Company source tells Gold Derby. That means Streep will compete against Oprah as the hooch-guzzling wife of the title star of “The Butler,” which is also a Weinstein flick. Hmmm … what is Harvey thinking?

Wow! Who would have thought that is a better hope than THE Oscar darling Meryl Streep for an Oscar? Of course, Julia's had her award too, but Meryl's a veritable machine - 17 noms, 3 wins and counting, and her role as a cancer-stricken, drug addict mother sounds like a showstopper.

And who does Meryl most likely have to take on in her category? None other than ! Yes, the woman some people call the most powerful woman in the world, and is sweeping into the film arena with a performance in Lee Daniels' The Butler that people are calling 'electrifying'. Meryl perfectly embodied both Margaret Thatcher and the Anna Wintour-like lead in The Devil Wears Prada, but still - facing down Oprah in an awards battle? Even that may be a tall task for Ms Streep...

Take this all with a pinch of salt though. We haven't seen the film, and Roberts may indeed be the best bet for Best Actress. Of course, the film might also be a turkey, and then (shocker!) none of our stars get noms. And who knows what shuffling Lee Daniels' The Butler will go through prior to nomination day - Streep may just yet avoid the Winfrey call.

And of course, whatever happens. It's not as if Streep needs more statuettes anyway. That cabinet must be creaking at the seams.



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