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Chills, thrills, screams, carnage the creepy killer lurking in the shadows, perhaps in the basement, hiding in your closet or in some other area you're unaware off, these and more are some of the things that make a scary/horror movie simply petrifying. Most of the horror movies we all know and love have a particular anticlimactic moment, a moment which embeds in our brains and stays with us forever, thus making it a "classic," unforgettable scene.

I've made a list for all of you horror buffs out there that gathers the scariest movie moments in the history of horror movies by edition. Today's turn belongs to the zombies, so make sure you stay tuned for more editions to come such as aliens, serial killers, ghosts and so much more.

Please Note: Not ALL zombie movie moments are listed here, only the ones with major impact.

Night Of The Living Dead (1968) — Little Zombie Girl Kills Mother

I think that the first movie in our list is undoubtedly the one that started the craze of the zombie genre. Thanks to the godfather of zombies, Mr. George A. Romero, Night of the Living Dead has become such a phenomenon that up until today it holds one of the most iconic and frightening scenes ever. It might not seem like it to younger generations, but back then when, the thought of corpses coming back to life, was simply terrifying.

Dawn Of The Dead (1978) — The Dead Walk Among Us

As we make our way down, you're probably going to see a few flicks made or inspired by Mr. Romero, and the next one is one of his best. Dawn of the Dead centers around a group of people trapped in a mall while trying to survive hordes of the undead. One of the many major scenes in the movie is that of the hordes of zombies breaking into the area where the last of the survivors are left. You might think they can escape because they are not as fast, but watch out, the culminating moment might surprise you.

Zombi II (1979) — Eye Being Gouged Out By Splintered Wood

From the mind of writer/director Lucio Fulci comes Zombi II. Originally serving as a sequel to Romero's Dawn of the Dead, Zombi II tells the story of a New York reporter who follows a woman to the Caribbean, where zombies have infected the island and must now try to find a way to flee or fight against the re-animated corpses. This particular scene is the scariest one since it's showing the actual death happening right thru the victim's eye (pun intended) through old-school POV, very slowly.

Day Of The Dead (1985) — Bub's Revenge

If having re-animated corpses walking around wasn't enough, in Day of the Dead (aside from the ripping deaths) we get a scarier element on the film, the introduction of a zombie named Bub. Although Bub is iconic for his portrayal in the film and docile to a certain extent, the scene is scary thanks to the grisly dissections of Dr. "Frankenstein" and the fact that a zombie can actually comprehend. Bub's revenge is well deserved, but it makes you think what zombies would be like if they were able to interact with us — would they be able to cope, or would they turn against you at the last minute?

The Return Of The Living Dead (1985) — Freddy's Attic Attack

Brains! When a group of punk rock misfits decide to take their private party to a nearby cemetery to wait for a friend to finish his work at the local medical warehouse, the unsuspecting punks don't know they are going to deal with the whole town turning into brain-eating freaks. There's a lot of great moments to choose from, but the scariest one of all is that of Freddy's attic attack. During the last scene of the movie, Freddy's girlfriend Tina and mortician Ernie are hiding in the attic. Just as Freddy breaks into the attic, a nuclear bomb hits the city, destroying everything within a 20-block radius — or did they survive?

The Return Of The Living Dead III (1993) — Julie's Transformation

When we first meet love birds Julie and Kurt, we thought it was going to be an everlasting romance. But not before a horrible accident kills Julie. Kurt is determined to bring her back, so he sneaks into his father's work — a secret military facility experimenting on creating the perfect weapon using re-animated corpses that never quit. Seeing this as an easy way out, Kurt brings Julie back, but not before realizing that Julie is a mere image of what she used to be. The creepy transformation takes Julie from a beautiful rebellious girl to a walking, hungry-for-human-flesh automaton.

Resident Evil (2002) — The Hive Employee Massacre

One of the most successful video game franchise in recent years, Resident Evil is packed with action and scary themes from beginning to end, especially some great scenes thanks to Alice's ability to kick ass. One of the most memorable and scary scenes of them all is when the Hive employees break free and it's a zombie fest for all. Hordes of infected approaching from everywhere, not enough ammo, and the inability to remember the correct passcode is enough to make you curl back under your blanket.

Shaun Of The Dead (2004) — David's Death

I know what you must be thinking Shaun of the Dead isn't really horror? Perhaps not, but none the less a zombie movie. If this were to be the real world, it would be pretty messed up seeing your neighbors and loved ones being devoured by brainless cannibals, which is why David's death is one of the scariest one in the movie. Being savagely torn apart from every which way, I can't imagine wishing this on anyone (although David deserved it) a little.

Dawn Of The Dead (Remake) (2004) — Vivian

Possibly one of the best zombie remakes of recent times Dawn of the Dead brings a little bit of everything to the table, not to mention is my all-time favorite movie. When Anna wakes up to an apocalypse outside, her world is turned upside down. Her young neighbor, Vivian, has turned and goes right after her husband, biting him in the process. It's Vivian's shocking reaction and transformation that makes this one of the scariest scenes in the movie. Imagine going to bed just like any other day and waking up to a tumultuous world where the dead have taken over — what would you do?

Land Of The Dead (2005) — Zombies In The Water

Yet another Romero flick that graces our list, this time it's Land of the Dead. When the world as we know has disappeared, there's only a certain part of humanity left: the rich and the poor. Soon, things start to change when they realize that the zombies have managed to acquire some sense of understanding. The scariest part of the movie (aside from the last part) is when the zombies are getting ready to attack but first have to make their way through a river. The culminating moment is when you see all the zombies slowly coming out of the water and ready to attack.

28 Weeks Later (2007) — The Escape Scene

Following the plot of the release of the rage virus that's infected most of the people in London, turning them into savage zombies, Don and his wife, along with four other survivors are barricaded in a cottage. When there's a sudden knock at the door and it turns out to be a kid, they have to let him in, but not before the infected have followed him. Desperately trying to escape the masses, every corner, every door opens to reveal more of them coming after you. The scariest part about this is that if you're able to outrun them, where do you go?

Planet Terror (2007) — The Hospital Scene

In this genuine but disgusting flick, the zombies have evolved from your regular, rotting flesh ones, to droopy repugnant oozing ones filled with witty lines. The scariest part of the movie is the hospital attack scene. People being ripped apart, getting some of the nastiest infected goo on them, and the fact that you can run but you can't hide — this particular scene will keep you at the edge of your seat.

World War Z (2013) — 12 Seconds To Infection

Imagine being out and about just like any other day when suddenly chaos and panic starts breaking out in front of you, nowadays it could be anything, so you really don't know what's going on, and there's pretty much nothing scarier than not knowing. When people start to run amok — chasing you, bashing their heads into vehicles — tension starts to rise and you pretty much start to panic. The 12-second zombie transformation wins on this film, simply because you can't take your eyes off of, it no matter the outcome.

Want to design your very own zombie makeup? Check out the video tutorial below and start practicing your look for Halloween:

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