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Mark Newton

Ahoy there, you scurvy ridden landlubbers. I have in me chest the first trailer for Starz piratin' n' blunderin' series Black Sails. It be filled to the top mast with busty wenches, broadsides and a whole manner of murderous cutthroat sea-dogs. Take a look yonder. YAAAAAR!

(via Youtube)

OK, now I've got that whole pirate talk out my system I can actually tell you about this upcoming produced series. The eight-episode drama will be set 20 twenty years before the events of Robert Louis Stevenson's pirate masterpiece Treasure Island. It will tell the tale of Captain Flint () and his crew, including a young John Silver (), as they struggle for power and survival on the notorious pirate settlement of New Providence Island.

It seems from this first look that the series will not be shying away from explosive action (well, it is produced by Bay after all) or saucy corset-rendering pirate rumpy-pumpy. Could this perhaps be Spartacus on the high seas? And now, once more good measure: YAAAAARR!

What do you think? Will you be jumping aboard Black Sails when it premieres in 2014, or will you leave it set sail without you? Let me know below.


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