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Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient, is a stunning and sprawling city which will feature prominently in 's latest Transformers sequel, Transformers: Age of Extinction. We already knew that a great deal of filming was done in a set in Detroit mimicking the southeast-Asian metropolis, but thanks to a new interview the director conceded to a Chinese news outlet, we know have it that a whole quarter of the movie will be set in Hong Kong:

Bay managed to get 30 to 35 minutes of what will be a two hour blockbuster – including a Hong Kong set in Detroit that he blew up: "There was a lot of dynamite."

Also via the South China Morning Post, we get a clarification from Bay that

We are not destroying Hong Kong.

Asked if the city is actually a hiding place for Decepticons, Bay elusively responded:

I can’t tell you how they get here.

But, are the automatons in the city to rescue it from some danger?

They are not rescuing Hong Kong but definitely rescuing something.

A lot more interesting is this tidbit from a Seibertron commenter, which credits the following to Michael Bay (although this source cannot be independently verified):

According to director Michael Bay this will be the location of a heroic turning point scene, which takes place after the fall of Hong Kong. A group of Transformers will meet up with another group Transformers where they battle their way out of a crater (Wulong Karst is known for it’s sink holes) that was apparently created by a crashed starship. After the Wulong Karst battle they return to Hong Kong.

Fans are already speculating that this 'other group of transformers' may actually be the infamous Dinobots.

What do you think? Do you buy that last explanation for the Hong Kong plot? What are you expecting from this fourth installment in the Transformers franchise?

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