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Depending on who you ask, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was either the start of a renaissance, the beginning of the end, or just another day in American politics. Still, the apocalyptic scenario is being favored by most of the media and the public, with Trump's rash decision-making and sudden reversal of major policies creating serious turmoil on a global scale.

So it's not very surprising to hear new movies are already being pitched based on a dystopian world ravaged by Trump — though it's ironic that one of the first deals had to be made with such a 'Murican figure of Hollywood as . The action blockbuster specialist is reportedly producing Little America, an action flick where a "Donald Trump-like president" has led America to bankruptcy and straight into the hands of the Chinese.

In Michael Bay's 'Little America,' China Owns The US

Michael Bay's 'Pearl Harbor' [Credit: Buena Vista Pictures]
Michael Bay's 'Pearl Harbor' [Credit: Buena Vista Pictures]

Little America takes place in a world where the United States is owned by the Chinese because the American president has bankrupted the country. But according to the Hollywood Reporter, it's more of a fun action story than a dramatic tale about the end of the world. The plot centers around a former member of the American Force Recon, whose mission is to rescue the daughter of a Chinese billionaire from an American ghetto. It's your guess how many explosions that will entail.

The movie will be directed by British director Rowan Athale, who also wrote the script. He couldn't be a better fit for the job, considering the title of his first movie: Wasteland. After the Purge series, which was also produced by Bay and apparently provided Trump with his future campaign slogan, Universal seems to have a penchant for movies with a connection to the new president, as they fought hard to secure the rights to Little America.

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It's cliché time: Though Bay has never really voiced any political opinions, I wouldn't be surprised if a study found that patriotic gun owners are particularly fond of his work. That makes the fact that he's financing a movie suggesting that a presidency like Trump's will empty America's pockets oh so ironic — but whether this move will be faced with any backlash or not, it's a clever idea to capitalize on the current climate of impending doom spurred by the Donald.

Would you watch Little America? Are you shocked by the pitch, or do you agree that it's timely?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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