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Brian Salisbury

Ready or not, friends, is headed back to WWII territory. The Wrap is reporting that the master of disaster just booked a deal to produce Sabotage for Paramount. The movie, based on a non-fiction book by Neal Bascomb, tells the story of a team of Norwegian soldiers assembled to find Hitler's secret atomic bomb before he gains the upper hand in the war. Apparently Paramount secured the rights in the wake of a fierce bidding war. In addition to producing, it is rumored Bay may also direct. Paramount had no comment.

After the Pearl Harbor debacle, I sincerely hope Bay only produces this. It sounds like a great story worthy of telling and the rights should frankly be residing with Dreamworks. Can you imagine the filmic version of this chapter of WWII under the creative leadership of ? But if it has to be Paramount, and it has to be Bay, then yes, please just let him be producing. You know if he directs that the Norwegian soldiers will suddenly be written as Americans. I love Dirty Dozen-esque guys-on-a-mission military movies so I will hold on to a shred of hope here.

What do you guys think?


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