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There is no denying that has crafted a mean rock 'em sock 'em rumble by bringing us the eighth highest grossing film series of all time with his movies. However, as the man behind the machines walks away and we branch out into a Bumblebee prequel, alongside the untold potential of a franchise that may never stop, where do we go next? We have already seen the dire acting of Megan Fox, ridden the back of robo-dinosaurs, and are currently preparing for one of the strangest Anthony Hopkins roles to date in , but Bay apparently has some dark plans for the future.

Turning From Bay Into Night

Speaking to Fandango, the 52-year-old director says that although he is ready to depart the franchise, he would love our toy box staples to be given an R-rated twist:

“I would love that. I’ve always said that I think that would be a great idea. I don't know if Hasbro would ever have it work, but I think it would be a great idea.”

There are two type of gritty and they are very much different takes: There is Nolan-esque Dark Knight or the Logan claws-through-the-face, neither of which feel like they would fit the patriotic fireworks and fun-factor of the Transformers franchise. Also, it is all well and good touting an R-rating if the material demands it, but let's not forget that we are dealing with kids toys here. You can't help but feel that Bay just wants the series to jump on the bandwagon to milk the cash cow.

R-ratings mean big business these days, with Deadpool and Logan being two prime examples of what happens when you get it right. However, the superhero genre is something very different and even that can still get it wrong. Yes, the past two Transformers films have both crossed the $1 billion mark, but how much longer can that continue? By heading down the path of a hard R, you are alienating a big piece of your audience. Transformers viewers are used to the friendly tones of Bumblebee not watching Mark Wahlberg get molested by Megatron.

The Sting Of The Bee

The idea is actually nothing new, and just seems like more of Bay's hot air to pack more explosions into every scene. Back in December, he told Collider that he had actually been pitched an idea for a much darker take on the upcoming Bumblebee spin-off, which has clearly made him think:

“You know, yeah, that would be fun. There’s actually one idea that would be really fun R rated, with Bumblebee. I don’t wanna say, but it would be really fun. Very Quentin [Tarantino], you know.”

By refusing to disclose what the idea was, does this mean Bay intends to return to it at some point in the future? Secondly, to compare Transformers to any form of Tarantino work is actually a bit of a slap in the face to one of the best directors of our generation. Bay is good at what he does and Bay is known for what he does, but I don't quite remember the film where we saw Optimus Prime having a dance off with Bumblebee in Jack Rabbit Slims. Personally, I think the idea reeks of failure and might just end up a pipe dream that a toy company like Hasbro would never sign off on!

Even those younger fans who tuned into Transformers in 2007 will likely be old enough to buy a ticket for an R-rated movie, but is it really necessary? The answer my, dear reader, is no, no it is not. If Bay gets his way, who know what's next for Hasbro? Presumably it would be an R-rated My Little Pony film where Twilight Sparkle is kidnapped and the rest of the ponies wake up to find her head in their bed?

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(Source: Fandango/Collider)


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