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My fellow Americans, ask not what Netflix can do for you, ask what you can do for your Netflix. As the cast increases for Season 2 of 's , it looks like we have found our 35th President of the United States. Swapping serial killing for serial womanizing, 's Michael C. Hall will be suiting up as doomed POTUS John F. Kennedy when the show returns — presumably later this year.

After a slew of award nominations and wins, The Crown is set to grow in the second of six planned seasons, while adding the Dexter star to proceedings is sure to help the biographical drama outside the British Isles. Existing cast, like Claire Foy and Matt Smith, will return alongside newcomers when Season 2 picks up where last season left off. It is expected that Queen Elizabeth II will lose another Prime Minister to scandal as we head into the swinging '60s and the reign of the Kennedys.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

'Dexter' [Credit: Showtime]
'Dexter' [Credit: Showtime]

Sadly, it appears we won't get a Dexter/Trinity Killer rematch from Showtime's show, as John Lithgow's term as Winston Churchill on Netflix's show came to an end last season. The Crown offers some of the best acting talent around, which may be why the second season is already attracting such big names. Claire Foy won a Golden Globe for best actress in her role as Queen Elizabeth II, so can Hall follow in her footsteps as the charismatic JFK? Happily, the show reports that Hall's credentials don't just limit him to a Kennedy lookalike:

Former 'Dexter' star Hall’s JFK is most at home in front of a crowd — a natural leader and excellent public speaker who does not take kindly to being upstaged by anyone, especially his wife. Although Jackie’s accomplishments are perceived to be an asset to the president, JFK feels unmanned by his wife’s popularity. In public, he seeks revenge by flaunting his many infidelities and, behind closed doors, his jealousy surfaces in the form of anger and manipulation.

Hall will also be joined by Bomb Girls star Jodi Balfour as his wife Jackie Kennedy. Balfour will undoubtedly be trying her best to not be compared to Natalie Portman's Oscar-nommed performance from this year's Jackie, but she inevitably will be. Hall and Balfour will appear in an upcoming episode of the historical drama, featuring a notoriously "tricky" visit to Buck Palace. The Queen was apparently furious when the Kennedys wanted Jackie's sister, Princess Lee Radziwill, to attend in June 1961. Divorcees were then not allowed to state dinners, but the Queen eventually relented.

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'Bomb Girls' [Credit: Shaw Media]
'Bomb Girls' [Credit: Shaw Media]

It is unknown whether the pair will appear in any further episodes, but let's hope its not just a one-shot appearance. They aren't the only newcomers in Season 2 though, Watchmen's Matthew Goode will star as Lord Snowden, husband of Vanessa Kirby's Princess Margaret.

Season 1 ended 1955, and it is expected that proceedings will cover another 10 years of the Windsor dynasty. However, don't get too used Foy and co., her and Matt Smith (Prince Philip) will be bowing out after season 2 to make room for a time jump, with older actors portraying the Royals. Season 1 wowed by not just focusing on the Royals, but by delving deeper into the lives of the likes of Churchill. It is unknown if The Crown will cover the Kennedy assassination in greater detail, but having rocked the world as one of the era's most shocking incidents, expect creator Peter Morgan to do history justice.

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