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While the fans of The Walking Dead may be no strangers to the bloody, frequent deaths of their favorite characters, for the actors themselves the death of their character is often a little bit more of a shock.

The gang recovering after Abe and Glenn's deaths [Credit: AMC]
The gang recovering after Abe and Glenn's deaths [Credit: AMC]

During the recent Walker Stalker Cruise, Michael Cudlitz, a.k.a Abraham Ford, revealed during a Q&A session that he knew that Abe was about to be killed off when showrunner Scott Gimple made an out-of-character request. Cudlitz explained:

"I was up visiting my son at college and I got a phone call, 'Scott wants to meet with you next week when you come back. Scott hadn't met with me in two years. I was like, alright, I'm dead. Let's call Scott and confirm this. So I called Scott and said, 'Hey, uh, we're supposed to have this meeting next Tuesday. Are you killing me?' He said, 'Ha! Ha! Why would you? Ha! Well... maybe."

Eek, Scott Gimple you may need to change your tactic!

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But although you might be thinking that Cudlitz would be devastated with the news that Abe was to get the chop, in fact he was pretty at peace the possibility of Abe being killed off. Cudlitz admitted:

"I knew that we were gonna met people from other places, other worlds, that they've created. I knew a lot of other characters had to come in and I knew we had to lose some people and they were sticking closer and closer to the graphic novel so it's a good chance it's gonna be me."

In the comic series Abraham was actually killed off in Issue 98 at the request of Negan in return for Rick killing a bunch of Saviors. However, in the TV series, it was Denise who received Abraham's comic death — shot through the eye with an arrow.

Denise was killed by Dwight in Season 6 [Credit: AMC]
Denise was killed by Dwight in Season 6 [Credit: AMC]

And for those who were in doubt that the series had planned was to kill off two characters all along, Cudlitz has put that rumor to bed, saying it was always the case.

"At the time, he [Scott Gimple] said it would be both me and Steven [Yeun, who played Glenn] but he wasn't sure if it would be at the end of Season 6 or the beginning of Season 7 mostly because he didn't know if they would be able to keep it a secret that long and the only way that would've worked was if they really went for it. They decided that we would go for it and it sort of worked. I was kind of expecting it, because Abraham's story had already been told so far as the graphic novel."

But whether or not it was Abraham's time to go, one thing's for certain — as sure as dingleberries are brown, Walking Dead fans miss Abraham.

The Walking Dead returns with Episode 9 on February 12


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