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The Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead was a roller coaster of emotion, with plenty of action to up the adrenalin levels as well as a couple of particularly emotional scenes to have us welling up.

Adding to the mix of feelings over the course of the episode was the return of one of our favorite characters, Abraham Ford, Negan's first victim way back in the Season 7 premiere. Abe popped up during Sasha's flashbacks adding even more emotion to Sasha's gutsy decision to kill herself and have her body effectively become a weapon. But as emotional as Abe's reappearance was, it was actor Michael Cudlitz's simple tweet reaction to the episode that will really twist the knife:

Yep, it may look like a simple peace sign emoji, but long-time fans of The Walking Dead will know that there's so much more to this simple gesture for the characters Abraham and Sasha.

The gesture was first used between the couple long before they ever got together in Season 6, Episode 1. Just after Deanna's husband, Reg was killed, Abraham was drinking on a porch stoop when Sasha walked by. Drunk Abe quickly flipped Sasha the peace sign and she responded in kind.

Sasha and Abe in S06E01 [Credit: AMC]
Sasha and Abe in S06E01 [Credit: AMC]

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We later saw the peace sign pop up when the two were struggling with their feelings toward each other in Season 6, Episode 11. By the end of this episode Abraham realized that he was no longer happy with Rosita and in the next episode he broke up with her to be with Sasha.

Sasha and Abe in S06E11 [Credit: AMC]
Sasha and Abe in S06E11 [Credit: AMC]

And of course the last time Abraham flashed Sasha the peace sign was in his final moments, shortly before Negan smashed him to death with Lucille. Abraham used his dying breath to tell the Big Bad to "suck my nuts," but he used his final action to show Sasha how he truly felt.

Abe in S07E01 [Credit: AMC]
Abe in S07E01 [Credit: AMC]

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to rewatch Season 7 and cry profusely. Anyone else?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 8 in October and Fear the Walking Dead returns with Season 3 on June 4.


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