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Sophie Atkinson

UPDATE: You guys, due to some behind the scenes confusion, my original article didn't go up on Facebook about this story. Please start by reading here about Michael Douglas's claims that oral sex caused his cancer.

Ready for some more crazy from the camp?

Recently, I told you here how Michael Douglas had argued that his throat cancer had been caused by giving women oral sex. Presumably, whoever's doing his PR completely freaked out as this has been all. Over. The. Internet.

I'm guessing the PR for Michael Douglas isn't that familiar with the journalistic practices of the Guardian, because they tried to suggest that the Guardian just straight up made that sh*t up. Post the Levinson enquiry, British newspapers are now extremely, extremely careful about how they produce the news. Given that the Guardian's almost always been nothing but squeaky clean, this was a pretty cackhanded way of handling the situation.

Sure enough, the Guardian decided to put the matter to rest by presenting the audio of the interview to prove they weren't lying.

Listen to the audio here:

Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think of the PR's handling of the situation. Well intentioned? Or just plain inept?


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