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One of the biggest casting announcements for Arrowverse to come out of this year's San Diego Comic Con was a the reveal that Lost alum, Michael Emerson will be a recurring character for the sixth season of Arrow. Executive Producer Wendy Mericle confirmed that the acclaimed actor will be taking up a role next year as an unnamed morally ambiguous-type of character.

Emerson is best known for playing Ben Linus on Lost, for which he won an Emmy back in 2009. He’s also known among fans for playing Harold Finch on the beloved, but underrated, series Person of Interest, as well as an impressive body of TV work that most notably includes The Practice.

Mericle discussed the differences in what we can expect to see from next year's Big Bad, coming on the heels of Prometheus, who successfully spearheaded through one of its best seasons. She indicated that there will likely be a team of villains to go against Team Arrow — rather than one single Big Bad à la Damien Darhk or Slade Wilson — and that it will be made personal to the team.

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Speculation points at the possibility of Emerson's character being the leader of the hacker group Helix, with whom Felicity became somewhat embroiled in the back half of Season 5. In the episode "Dangerous Liaisons," Helix leveraged intel for Team Arrow in exchange for release of their leader, Cayden James from Argus, yet the audience was never actually shown the character's face.

Also, given his past and most iconic roles, some kind of morally twisted hacker could be right up Emerson’s alley. And it's worth noting that James was described by the character Lyla as being worse than Edward Snowden.

The casting announcement is just the beginning and we’ll likely learn more in the weeks to come. No doubt Michael Emerson will make for a formidable addition to the show.

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