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Michael Fassbender has made a name for himself throughout the past few years headlining in certain films that tackle intense subject matters such as Shame and 12 Years A Slave. The talented actor entranced critics and audiences alike with his portrayal of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2015's Steve Jobs, so much so that he and co-star Kate Winslet received Academy Award nominations for their respective performances. He recently stars in the -directed , pulling in double duty as he reprises his role as David from 2012's Prometheus and also stars as a new synthetic android named Walter.

Fassbender's impressive filmography doesn't include many roles that let him crack smile, let alone cause one (save, perhaps, the 2014 comedy-drama Frank in which he wears a large papier-mâché head throughout the film). While speaking with The Irish Sun, he revealed trying to bring the comedy in wherever he can and refers to implementing it with his upcoming role:

“Like David [of Alien: Covenant] as well, there are some fun moments there. It’s something that I have to do more of.”

Everyone's favorite stoner-comedian starred alongside Fassbender in Steve Jobs, surprising audiences with his admirable performance as Steve Wozniak. Fassbender revealed one conversation he had with Rogen about possibly tackling more comedic roles:

"... We’d met before, I was a fan of his work... I think I threw a blueberry at him actually, it was at one of these dinners and he was at the table across the way and so that was our introduction and then I got talking to him."

"So, when we were on Steve Jobs he said, ‘I thought we’d work together at some point but I thought it would be in one of my movies.’ So yeah, maybe at some point.”

'Steve Jobs' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Steve Jobs' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Seth Rogen's upcoming filmography unfortunately doesn't include any Fassbender, however if the above comment is any indication we are hopeful that we will see a Rogen-Fassbender collaboration sometime in the near century.

Fassbender Is Absolutely Hilarious IRL

Although he does utilize his immense acting talents for the dramas, Michael Fassbender's humor and charm totally stuns in interviews. Throughout his career, he has flashed that gorgeous tooth-filled smile and made us laugh with the hysterical comments expressed via his German-Irish accent.

The most important component to the Fassbender hilarity has to be his bromance with his X-Men co-star, . The two handsome talents appeared in three installments together which flourished a wonderful addition to the sector of the internet. They most famously appeared on The Graham Norton Show where they showcased their spectacular dancing abilities with the equally talented handsome :

I have no doubt in my mind that whatever Michael Fassbender puts his mind to, he'll act it to perfection. He is arguably one of the best working actors in Hollywood today and it would be incredible to see him broaden his acting range with roles that require him to call on his comedic side. Who knows? He could easily channel the illustrious career of someone like wherein he portrays a fictionalized historical figure in Troy while also eating his way through an Ocean's-esque film.

(Source: The Irish Sun)

Would you want to see Michael Fassbender in more comedies? Let me know who you'd want to see him team up with in the comments below!


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