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Michael Fassbender is an incredible actor, but let's face it: his last good movie was 2015’s Steve Jobs. Ever since then, it seems like Fassbender has been sucked into an endless wormhole of bad films. As a fan, it hurts when one of your favorite actors keeps winding up in unworthy movies, even if his performances in those movies are still phenomenal.

There’s no doubt that is one of the best actors of our time, so yes, I get angry when the godawful Assassin’s Creed wastes him or when he's lifelessly written into X-Men: Apocalypse. Even in low-budget films like Song to Song and Trespass Against Us, it seems like Fassbender just can’t catch a break.

But rejoice, my friends, because Fassbender’s bad movie curse might just end with his upcoming movie, The Snowman.

He stars opposite the wonderful , and from the looks of the trailer, we might finally get the first good Michael Fassbender movie in a long time. The story is intriguing: Fassbender's character, Harry Hole, is a detective put on a case involving a serial killer who decapitates his victims; the killer then places the victims' heads on top of a snowman's body. Creepy, I know. To help Hole solve the case, Ferguson's character, Katrine Bratt, aids him by putting herself on the serial killer’s radar as a possible victim. The whole premise just shouts utter suspense and I love it.

The combination of two stellar stars in Fassbender and Ferguson is sure to heighten the movie's quality — along with a screenplay from World War Z's Matthew Michael Carnahan and Drive's Hossein Amini. But of course I've still got my worries.

The Snowman is a live-action adaptation of a hugely successful novel by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. The last time Michael Fassbender appeared in a book adaptation, it didn’t do very well: The Light Between Oceans, in which he starred alongside Oscar-winner and romantic partner Alicia Vikander. While their chemistry on-screen was absolutely mesmerizing, the film as a whole doesn’t have the same spark.

If there's a positive to come out of Fassbender's recent bad films, it's that he makes them more enjoyable to watch. Alien: Covenant was average, but we can all agree that Fassbender's performance as Walter and David vastly improved it. Take Fassbender out of the equation and I’m certain Covenant’s reviews wouldn't be as good as they were.

But for the love of the fans, it’s time that Michael Fassbender makes a good movie again. Please, let it be The Snowman. I think it will be.

The Snowman opens in the U.S. on October 20, 2017.


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