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movies have been criticized for not having the most memorable soundtracks (with the exception of Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel). However, the renowned composer Michael Giacchino — who previously scored Doctor Strange — is scoring Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Not only will we see if he can live up to Danny Elfman's iconic theme for Sam Raimi's movies, but we will also be able to hear a very familiar tune...

It Sounds Like Spider-Man: Homecoming Will Feature The Classic Spidey Theme

In Michael Giacchino's tweet above, you can take a first listen to his updated version of the classic Spider-Man theme song from the late 1960s cartoon. The catchy theme can still be recognized all around the world. Giacchino's orchestra has put a sweet modern twist on the classic theme.

It would be the first time the classic theme officially featured on a Spider-Man movie soundtrack, but not the first time we've heard it in a film. In Spider-Man 2, we see the violin lady playing the theme song and signing the words on the streets of New York; also, it was Peter's ringtone in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, translated into a "beepy" ringtone style.

From Easter Egg To Soundtrack Highlight?

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

Personally, I really hope that Giacchino will make this the main theme of the movie for a couple of reasons. First of all, while I have a ton of respect for Giacchino, it would be quite a difficult task to make a theme as brilliant as Danny Elfman's — which many fans, including myself, consider to be the best superhero theme of all time. Attempting to create a new theme could be awkward and pale in comparison.

Secondly, by embracing the classic theme, it would reinforce the idea of Peter Parker's "homecoming" to Marvel — the tune is arguably as well-known as John Williams's theme for Superman, and fits the character so well. Using it prominently would elevate Spider-Man: Homecoming and make it even better than it (probably) already will be!

How excited are you to hear Michael Giacchino's version of the classic Spider-Man theme? Tell me below!


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