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Following the announcement of Joe Roth as producer of the the film adaptation of Laini Taylor's critically acclaimed young adult novel Daughter of Smoke and Bone, comes the news that Michael Gracey, a former commercial director, has got the job to direct it.

, who has previously worked as an animator and special effects supervisor for such films as Ned Kelly and the Magician, has recently changed paths and gotten into directing. The announcement of being selected to direct Daughter of Smoke & Bone comes after already securing directing positions for Rocketman, which will feature as Elton John and will tell the story of Elton John's life; and The Greatest Showman on Earth, which will star as P.T. Barnum, and tells the story of - you guessed it - his life. It sounds like the next few years will be big for the new director!

Michael Gracey

According to Hollywood Reporter:

Smoke & Bone tells the tale of a 17-year-old art student whose father occasionally sends her on errands around the world collecting human teeth for a mysterious purpose. The young woman gradually becomes aware that she is part of an ancient struggle between devils and angels and finds herself in a forbidden romance with a warrior angel.

Quite the stark contrast from Gracey's very reality-based biopics, but should be fertile proving ground for him to demonstrate himself as an able and versatile director. Go get 'em Gracey!

(Source: THR)

Are you excited for Smoke and Bone? What do you think of the choice of Michael Gracey to direct it?


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