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An alleged former friend of Michael Jackson has come forward, claiming to have 13 personal notes from the late pop star which reveal that he feared for his own life.

According to the Daily Mail, Michael Jacobshagen divulged the details to reporter Daphne Barak for Australian news show Sunday Night. He says Jackson begged for him to visit him in the US just weeks before his death. This is when he was apparently given the notes, which hinted that someone was trying to murder him. One note reads:

"AEG. Make so much pressure to me… I'm scared about my life"

The interview is expected to air in about a month's time, with Jacobshagen's Facebook revealing that he's also been interviewed by 60 Minutes:

But why come forward now? Is Jacobshagen's story to be believed?

Who Is Michael Jacobshagen?

Jacobshagen claims to have remained close friends with Jackson since meeting him during one of his European tours in 1995. He even wrote a book chronicling their friendship. However, he's earned himself quite the reputation amongst Jackson's fan base in the years following his 2009 death.

In 2014, Jacobshagen was criticized for allowing a reporter to accompany him inside Michael Jackson's tomb in LA. The resting place is guarded from the public, and Jacobshagen posed as the reporter took photos.

Some fans also claim that Jacobshagen sold Michael Jackson merchandise with fake signatures for $11,000, and that he's not to be trusted.

Jacobshagen has now announced that he will be releasing another book, featuring the notes he says came directly from Jackson himself:

Why Come Forward Now?

Jackson passed away unexpectedly in 2009. Physician Conrad Murray spent two years in prison for manslaughter after prescribing Jackson the drugs that led to his death. But if the person responsible already served their time, why would Jacobshagen only now come forward with this information about Jackson's death?

Well, it's all related to Jackson's concert promoter, AEG. The Jackson family attempted to sue AEG for damages following his death, insisting they'd overworked him to the point of exhaustion. While they lost the case, Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson broke her usual media silence to criticize AEG in an interview earlier this year, stating that they intentionally sabotaged her father's health.

Considering the renewed interest surrounding AEG and Jackson's death, Jacobshagen's never-before-seen notes are very timely. Pending the release of his interviews on the aforementioned Australian news shows, it's impossible to assess the legitimacy of his claims at this early stage. Nevertheless, it's going to be difficult for Jacobshagen to regain the trust of the loyal Michael Jackson fanbase after his past actions.

Do you think these notes from Michael Jackson are real?

(Source: Daily Mail)


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