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After the success of films such as The Jungle Book, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, Disney has announced a multitude of upcoming live-action versions of many of their animated classics. Among them is Dumbo, which is to be brought to life by director Tim Burton.

Details on the upcoming version of are still thin, although rumors have been flying over who the cast may include. So far names such as Colin Farrell and frequent Burton collaborators Danny DeVito and Eva Green have been bandied around for various roles, but today we have absolute confirmation on which actor will play the film's villain: Michael Keaton.

Keaton and Burton have partnered on projects in the past, including Beetlejuice, Batman and Batman Returns, and the actor had long been rumored to appear in the film, but it wasn't until this morning that it was all finally confirmed. During an appearance on Good Morning America to promote upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming, Keaton was asked whether or not he would be reuniting with Burton for Dumbo, to which he replied that he was. Keaton then went on to confirm he would be playing the film's villain, and gush about Burton's directing style, calling him "an artist." See Keaton confirming the news below:

Though Keaton never reveals the villain's name, it's believed to be Vandemere. According to Deadline, Vandemere is an "evil big top circus villain" who absorbs a smaller circus run by a character named Medici (rumored to be played by Danny DeVito). If the live-action film is in keeping with the original Disney film, Vandemere will likely be the character who exploits Dumbo's special flying talent in order to make money.

In addition to Dumbo, Keaton also has Spider-Man: Homecoming heading for release on July 7, and American Assassin hitting cinemas on September 15.

Dumbo is yet to receive an official release date.


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