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Even though I don't get the chance to write about it enough, there is no doubt that is one of my all-time favorite TV series. The show has its ups and downs like any other existing show but in the end, Lost is not only entertaining to watch but it really makes you think and question reality as we know it. I can only wish for there to be more shows like Lost, but the new HBO series Westworld looks like it could become TV's new Lost.

One of my favorite parts of the show is the great characters we all fell in love with. From the lovable Hugo, to the charismatic Charlie, to our favorite jackass Sawyer, we love these characters and the actors behind them. Of course, one of the best characters is the main character himself, Jack Shepard, who was played by Matthew Fox. However, some of you may know that Fox wasn't J.J. Abram's number one choice.

Michael Keaton Turned Down The Role Of Jack Shepard

Before I even dive into this, let me clearly state that this is not breaking news as it was revealed years ago that Keaton turned down the role of Jack in Losteven though I along with many others never knew this. The interview between Access Hollywood and Keaton revealed a general yet understandable reason why Keaton didn't star on the show. Keaton explained:

Keaton says he was thinking about doing it until Abrams called to let him know that "Dr. Jack Shepard," who was slated to die in the first episode of the original pilot, would instead be a series regular. "I said, 'I'll seriously consider it, send me the script,'" says Keaton. "He said, 'No, we're keeping the guy alive,' and I said, 'Oh, ok, well I can't do that.'"

Despite the success of "Lost," Keaton says he knows he made the right decision. "I wouldn't do it if the guy was going to be in the show every week," he says. "An hour show every week... I've got stuff to do, I've got a life to lead. When would I fish?"

It is intriguing enough that J.J. Abrams planned to throw a huge bomb on the audience by killing Jack in the first episode — and sounds like something Lost would do. However, it makes sense for a movie star like Michael Keaton to not want to fully commit to a weekly TV show, especially one he had faith in and knew would become as successful as it did.

So what's the story here today? It is following up with Keaton and his "lost" role as he just today spoke on a podcast with THR and further explained what happened behind the scenes 12 years ago between him and The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams.

Keaton Clarifies What Happened With Lost

We already know Keaton was originally interested but eventually changed his mind after ABC decided they wanted to keep Jack as the main character. Keaton recently said:

"I started to feel badly about this," Keaton said before going on to clarify what happened. "It didn't exactly play out like that. It's no news now, I'm not revealing anything. [Abrams] said, 'Here's what happens: the guy that you think is the lead dies in the last 10 minutes. Immediately, when I hear things like that it's like Soderberg calling and going, 'Hey, I want Ray Nicolette to pop up in this movie.'

Those type of things intrigue me. And I went, 'Yeah!' The idea of doing an hour television show... I'm just too lazy. I thought, 'Wow, this is pretty good! Then I don't have to be in the series!' He thought better of it or the studio said, 'That ain't gonna happen!'"

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Would Michael Keaton Have Played A Better Jack?

While it's sort of a shame that we will never get to see how Michael Keaton would have done leading the cast, Matthew Fox did a fantastic job playing Jack in the series. This is similar to the recently discovered situation where Robin Williams was denied the role of Hagrid in the sense that it would be hard to see anyone else play the titular role.

On another note, I believe Michael Keaton may have been a bit too old to play Jack in Lost. Unless Jack's character was totally changed, the age and even personality of Michael Keaton may not have been the right choice. Then again, he was ABC's number one choice for the role for a reason and they may have had to change the Jack character last minute.

Nevertheless, John Locke had already served as an older, wise presence on Lost and truthfully, it is probably better for ratings to have a good-looking young guy such as Matthew Fox playing the leading character. In the end, I think we can all agree ABC and J.J. Abrams were winners in the end with the casting of Fox.

What do you guys think? Do you think Michael Keaton could have played a better Jack in Lost? Sound off in the comments below!

Still heartbreaking!
Still heartbreaking!