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With three live-action remakes having been rousing success stories, Disney has planned out a huge slate of remakes of its classic films to thrill whole new generations of theater goers. One of the latest announcements to get the live-action treatment is Dumbo, the endearing tale of a young circus elephant who discovers he can fly.

Originally released back in 1941, Dumbo is one of 's shortest feature length films, with a run time of just 64 minutes. However, under the guidance of veteran director Tim Burton it looks as though we can expect the live-action version to be a visual spectacular, and one which may just convince audiences that elephants really can fly.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Filming on Burton's is expected to begin very soon, and casting is well underway, with Colin Farrell (True Detective) and previous Burton collaborators Eva Green (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children), Danny DeVito (Big Fish) reportedly in talks to join the . And now another Burton favorite may join the ranks, with Michael Keaton rumored to play the villain of the film.

If confirmed, Keaton would play the character of Vandemere, the cruel owner of a big circus who acquires a smaller circus from kindly ringmaster, Medici (Danny DeVito). After absorbing the small circus, Vandemere also gains Dumbo, whom he sees purely for his money making potential. Meanwhile, Green would play a French trapeze artist named Colette, and Farrell's character, Holt, is a widowed father from Kentucky, whose children fall in love with the flappy-eared elephant.

Keaton and the Ringmaster [Credit: Open Road Films/Disney]
Keaton and the Ringmaster [Credit: Open Road Films/Disney]

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Keaton and Burton worked together on Beetlejuice, Batman and Batman Returns in the late 80s and early 90s, and have recently been trying to find another project to work together on, including a possible Beetlejuice 2. It was earlier reported that Tom Hanks may be playing Vandemere, though it appears as though he has now passed on the project.

While Burton is set to direct Dumbo, the script will be written by Transformers series screenwriter, Ehren Kruger. My Entertainment World reports that the movie will reportedly begin filming this month.

Dumbo is yet to receive an official release date though will possibly fly into theaters sometime in 2019


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