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Michael Keaton may have played Batman over 20 years ago, but his heroic DNA continues to show in real life. During a recent interview, the actor revealed he saved the life of a longtime friend in one of the most unexpected situations.

To promote , Keaton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he detailed the time he saved fellow actor Dennis Dugan from choking. As he recounted, the actors were playing darts after a party when Keaton noticed Dugan's face suddenly turning blue:

"A very good friend of mine, Dennis Dugan, we were hanging out at his house and everybody had gone home after this party. We were throwing darts –– which we used to do a lot –– and all of a sudden I looked at him and he's really red in the face and then he's kinda getting a shade of blue that was concerning. And he –– very calmly –– kinda goes [points at his throat] We had a few beers at that point, but I go 'Oh sh––.'"

Channeling his inner , Keaton came up with a solution on the spot by remembering the Heimlich maneuver. Hoping for the best, the actor tried it:

"I remembered reading or seeing somewhere or someone explained what the Heimlich maneuver was, so I got behind him and I thought 'man I hope this works.' And I did it really hard 'cause you're supposed to and the thing just shot across the room."

Surprisingly, that wasn't the most interesting part about their incident.

Moving On Like Nothing Ever Happened

Right after Keaton helped Dugan, the two friends moved on and continued playing darts like nothing had happened. It wasn't until the next morning that it hit Keaton that he saved his friend from potential death:

"Here's what's truly amazing about it: Nobody said anything until like the next day at 11:30. He calls me and he goes, 'Hey man, do you remember last night?' and I go, 'Yeah, it was a good party,' and he goes 'Yeah but, do you remember Heimliching me? And I go 'Yeah' and he goes 'None of us said anything!' [...] We kept playing darts and I went home. That's when I went 'I saved the guy's life last night!'

might be a real-life Batman, but we'll next see him in the villainous role of Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which hits theaters on July 7, 2017.

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