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Alisha Grauso

Back in February, it was reported that would be teaming up with director in Mann's as-yet-untitled cyber-thriller project. Now, it's being reported that Mann, who will set parts of his upcoming hacker flick in Hong Kong, has cast a pair of Chinese actors in prominent roles and is currently there with his staff busily scouting locations.

The Hong Kong stroll took place after a busy afternoon of meeting with noted Chinese actors at his hotel, including , and . There is no word on whether any or all of the A-listers were cast.

It will be fascinating to see how this all plays out, considering Washington and Beijing have recently been lobbying accusations back and forth blaming one another for hacking into each other's computer systems. As the Chinese government has been notoriously sensitive in the past regarding films that offer even the slightest criticism of its government or military (just ask if he's allowed back in the country after Seven Years in Tibet), and this is a film based around cyberterrorism. Well, we might be in for an interesting time.

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