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Fans of the political drama House of Cards are in luck. Famous documentarian Michael Moore is set to pick up the camera once again; this time, he is aiming his lens at President Trump. Specifically, Moore is looking to expose the corruption and scandal that runs through the administration, originating from Trump himself.

The film is titled: Fahrenheit 11/9 and will be another of 's pictures that have a strong political message. Moore has always used film to impart a message and challenge injustice. He did this with Capitalism: A Love Story by showing the families that are thrown into poverty by capitalism and illustrating the failings of an aggressively capitalist system.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is intended to challenge Trump himself. Moore believes he has some huge details to expose that he thinks will have a huge ripple effect on American politics. He stated this in the press release:

"No matter what you throw at him, it hasn't worked. Even when he commits a self-inflicted wound, he gets up the next morning and keeps going and tweeting...That all ends with this movie."

This will be successful no matter what. Moore is an acclaimed filmmaker, plus, Trump won't be able to resist the urge to tweet about it. This will only point more eyes to the film. Either way, this is exciting news for fans of Moore's filmmaking.

What other current events do you think deserve the Michael Moore treatment?

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