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It was great to finally see those Dixon boys spend some quality time together back in Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead. When the big argument between Merle () and Daryl () finally erupted, exposing Daryl's multiple scars inflicted by the brothers' abusive father, a lot of wind was taken out of this fan's sails.

Reflecting on the siblings' grim childhood, Rooker was talking at the Wizard World Comic-Con and gave some insight into the emotional scene, which provided one of the main arcs for The Walking Dead Season 3, in kickstarting the reunion between Merle and Daryl Dixon. He explained:

>At the time when I saw the scarring on Daryl's back in the woods...the scarring is the same scarring on my back, because I was abused before my little brother was abused. So in Merle's mind, when Merle splits, he's know in my mind, I felt Merle left because the abuse got so bad that he was either going to kill the guy or he just had to walk. So it wasn't even in his mind that he was going to switch from the one brother to the younger brother. So when I find out that he abused my younger brother as well, you know if he had been there in front of me, I probably would have snapped his neck.

I loved seeing how much both of the Dixon boys had changed after this scene. When they chanced across the people in trouble on the bridge: Daryl waded straight in to help while Merle, ever the charmer, wasn't going to waste his bullets helping people who'd never "fellaciated" his piece.

How do you think the death of Merle impact on Daryl in Season 4 of The Walking Dead, which premieres in October?


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