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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 delighted fans everywhere with its emotional roller coaster of a story that had us cheering with glee one moment and then welling up with tears the next. If the all the action and drama in left you drained, image what it is was like for the actors putting all that energy into their characters. Turns out found the right scene to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

So Michael Rooker Likes To Take Naps On Set

During the funeral scene, where Peter Quill pays his last respects to Yondu in an emotional speech, Michael Rooker used this as an appropriate time to get some z's. Director described the moment during a Q&A session on Facebook over the weekend:

"I have some very funny video of Chris giving his speech and crying and in the middle of that, Rooker falling asleep. He didn't fall asleep once. He fell asleep 10 times."

Let the man sleep! What else was he supposed to do while lying on that table with his eyes closed? 's voiced probably lulled him asleep during each take. Yondu may not have been Quill's biological father, but he behaved just like a dad dozing off in a chair while watching a late night TV show. Just another example of Rooker being Rooker.

Even though we've heard countless stories like this of the friendship between Rooker and Gunn, I don't think they'll ever stop being funny.



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