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Mark Newton

So the Emmy's came and went, and it seems one of television's most popular shows was thoroughly and completely snubbed. Not only did The Walking Dead not win any awards, but it didn't even receive any major nominations (only gaining one for prosthetic makeup). The fans might be pretty pissed, but is ? Nah, not really. At a recent FandomFest Guardians of the Galaxy panel, he explained:

I don't care. I don't care much about that stuff. The fans do, and I don't blame them. And you know what, for me, I don't need affirmation from any sort of nomination about my work. I just do my work. I do it the best I can. That's all I do. And I just move on. I don't really much care about the whole competitiveness of the award ceremony. Everybody's got a damn award these day, don't matter. It's true, man, you've got an award for the most dorkiest person, there’s an award for everything. You've got so many awards they end up meaning nothing.

Incidentally, I am the proud owner of the Most Dorkiest Person Award. It turns out has also spoken out about the Emmy snub — from the sounds of things, he's a little bit more pissed about it all.

What do you think? Is Michael Rooker right not to be upset, or are these kind of awards important? Let me know what you think below.


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